5 Clever Interior Design Tips to Easily Transform Your Home

Doing a home makeover need not be hard or too expensive; you just have to know what
to do. So in this article, I will go over some clever tips that are shared by industry
experts regarding how to transform your home into a pretty good one quickly and easily.

Buy Industrial-Grade Elements

There is a new style that you might want to get into and that is by combining urban-style
elements with a subtly minimalist look.

For instance, you can buy some furniture that is built with tough materials such as
concrete, reclaimed timber or even galvanized metal and add them to neutral or light-
colored walls.

Doing it this way will allow some of your elements to shine and that is all without
exerting too much effort.

Think About Putting a Mural Wall

Most people would just paint their walls using a single color and be done with it, but you
want to make sure that your home looks really nice, right?

So, for that to happen, considering creating a mural wall. It is basically a wall that has
nice designs and it can really help you bring your artistic and creative side to the fore.
For inspiration, you want to look at some of the mural paintings that are painted on the
walls of some Malaysian homes.

Make Clever Use of Lighting

Do not be like most people where they use only one main light source for every room.
Although that can be economical and it is done for practical reasons, beautifying your
house need not be too expensive.

So, instead of relying on a single light bulb to light your dining room, for example, make
use of clever lighting by using some ambient light. You can use frosted bulbs as they
are power-efficient and would provide a nice atmosphere when placed correctly inside a

Create a Gallery Wall

It is generally a good idea to put paintings, artworks, and pictures on your walls. So, if
you have a lot of things that you can pin on your walls, I suggest that you do just that.

I call it the ‘gallery’ wall simply because you have the freedom and creativity to make
things look good. For instance, if you have, say, 3 paintings, you can add some nice
decorations on your wall that will make it a true art piece in itself.

Breathe New Life by Adding Plants

A lot of interior designers nowadays push for more eco-friendly designs and there are
many reasons for that. Aside from the fact that it is more power-efficient to do so, it
actually looks and feels more natural.

To do this, you’d want to add low-maintenance plants in your garden or just about
anywhere in your home. Low-maintenance plants are okay because you rarely have to
do anything to make them healthy. Just the occasional watering and pampering will do
and putting them in strategic places in your house will make your home look better.

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