5 Things No One Tells You About Having A Baby In Your 30s

Other people may judge you.

Are you excited to shop for baby clothes and baby jogging strollers in Malaysia for your little one? Buying baby essentials is one of the sweetest, most exciting moments of parenthood. Don’t just savor the positive ones, though. You are bound to face negative experiences, and parenting challenges. At some point, people would judge you silently. They would start commenting on your haggard appearance, how old you will be by the time your children graduate, and so on. 

Pregnancy would suck even more.

There is a big difference between having a child at age 30, to having a new baby at 38. Many people are having problems with pregnancy as they get older, so make sure to always seek the help of health care professionals.

It is exhausting.

One word–tired. You would be very tired. Women who get pregnant during the late 30s are expected to feel even more exhausted. Younger ones will have more energy to endure everything.

You may be healthier.

We always say that it’s always better to get pregnant and give birth at a young age. But, do you know what some professionals say that those who give birth while on their late teens are less healthy compared to those who choose to wait until their 30s. Fertility decline in your 30s, but there are also economic and social benefits to waiting to give birth.

It may be difficult to balance life and work.

One downside of giving birth late in your 30s, and having kids while working on an established career, is that it would be harder for you to manage your time. Those who are lucky enough get to change their careers after having children, but some would really struggle.

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