April 2019

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What is Flutter and What Makes It Ideal for Developing Cross-Platform Apps?

When someone hire mobile app developer, they intend to create applications back in the day, they will only develop applications for only one platform. That is because the way applications were made before would depend on the programming language that a developer has to use as well as the use of a suitable development framework.

That is where cross-platform development comes in. Instead of creating applications for different operating systems, the developer would just have to create one app that will work on multiple platforms. Since the framework was introduced, more and more applications were created that come with cross-platform support.

Some of the most popular cross-platform development frameworks include Microsoft’s Xamarin, Facebook’s React Native, and Adobe’s PhoneGap.

Although they all give the developer the ability to create cross-platform apps, they have their own tricks up their sleeves. In other words, they do have their pros and cons as well.

Because of the constant need for cross-platform app development, Google has initiated the movement of improving the said framework even more. That is where Flutter was born.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is actually a Software Development Kit (SDK) that is based on the Dart Programming language. It aims to solve the problems that other cross-platform frameworks experience.

What is Flutter and What Makes It Ideal for Developing Cross-Platform Apps?The applications that were built using this framework can be run on all known mobile operating systems.

This SDK has been created thanks to the many developers that chimed in. Some of the things that they’ve worked on are as follows:

  • Major Bug Fixes
  • Comprehensive List of Tools
  • Awesome Firebase API Support
  • In-depth Documentation
  • Can Support Windows Development
  • Improved Engine Performance
  • Useful tools for Visual and Android Studio Code
  • Supports Many Different Languages
  • More Accessibility Features Made Available for Developers
  • And many more!

Amazing Features

There are many reasons as to why developers would want to use Flutter for their app development projects. One, apps that are created using this framework work on all known mobile operating systems. Second, it comes with a lot of features such as:

What is Flutter and What Makes It Ideal for Developing Cross-Platform Apps?

  • Widgets- When you’re creating an application, you can implement a “Widgets” feature and you have the ability to add as many widgets as you like.
  • Hot Reload- This feature allows you to see changes as they come. In other words, you can see the changes in real time so you can change your code right then and there and be able to see what it does automatically. This is one of the best features of the framework.
  • Less Coding- The framework makes use of Dart, an object-oriented programming language. It doesn’t require plenty of lines of code and all of the things that you will implement will be revealed to you in real time thanks to the previous feature.
  • Different Themes- Since the applications that you create using this framework can work on all operating systems, you can safely implement a common theme that can be displayed easily on the app. The UI will be viewed and experienced no matter the operating system the app is installed in.
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