Top 5 eCommerce Myths

Customers are always encouraged by low prices.

This may seem like a fact, but it’s actually a myth. Several ecommerce business owners believe that when they put low prices on their products, more customers would come. A low price is not the only factor that affects it, from branding strategy to search engine optimization techniques.

Automatic website traffic generation

The process of gaining more traffic is often misunderstood by many. Just like investing in a new business, many components affect website traffic generation. To gain more traffic, you need to promote and advertise your business well.

eCommerce as a Convenient, Easy Money-Making Scheme

It may appear easy, but selling products and services online is not easy. An ecommerce website is not a money generator. If you don’t work hard, you wouldn’t earn lots of money. Invest resources, strategies and time in order to make it a success.

An eCommerce Website is All You Need to Prepare

Several startups believe that setting up a good ecommerce business is just a walk in the park. Well, the website is just a small fraction of the total plan. To ensure success, you may want to research on the latest market trends first. Implement a good digital marketing strategy, and business approach.

Technology is the most crucial part

Technology is important because it is where all the transactions depend. If you are just starting out and needs some guidance, feel free consult your ecommerce developers. Remember that your strategy would depend on your business model, and lots of other things.

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Simple Tips on How to Increase Website Conversions to Help You Get More Sales

Running an online store especially to make ecommerce website is a bit tricky than your conventional brick-and-mortar shop. Aside from putting up all of your product catalogs and your actual website, you also have to think about driving more traffic to your platform, as well as increase your conversions.
In today’s article, I will go over some simple tips to help you increase your website conversion rates to help you get more sales.

Make Your Site Safe

People will only conduct business online if they find that the platform they’re in is using a secure connection. That is why if you own an online shop, you have to make use of the HTTPS/SSL communication protocol to make everything more secure.
On top of that, you also want to include any user feedback, customer reviews, testimonials, awards, certifications, and anything that people can fact check to ensure that you are running a legitimate business.

Don’t Put Too Many Things

Contrary to popular belief, people do not actually want a website that is full of clutter. Instead, they want a website with a minimalistic design as it allows them to navigate your website with ease.
Don’t Forget to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users
According to a recent Google survey, the vast majority of people nowadays make use of their smartphones to make online purchases.
Due to this fact, you have to also optimize your website for mobile devices as well. Thankfully, you can easily do that by using reactive web design.

Add High-Quality Images

When you are selling some products, make use of high-quality imagery to help entice people. Since they do not have the luxury of looking at your products just like in physical stores, you have to take it upon yourself to provide pictures of your products in multiple angles.
Always Optimize Your Website for Speed
A slow loading website is always a huge no-no, especially if your aim is to increase your conversions. Optimizing your website loading speeds by making sure to use well-scaled images and under-the-hood changes should do the trick.
Highlight the Benefits
Aside from putting all of the product’s features, it is also important that you also include the benefits as well.
Highlighting the benefits will signal to the customers that their purchase is going to be worth it.

Provide Easy Help

You have to take into account that the vast majority of people that go to your website will absolutely have no clue about the products and services that you offer.
That is why it is imperative that you provide them with immediate help either by implementing a live chat system or a website-bound email support feature.

Make Your CTA Buttons Prominent

What do you usually do when you go to an unfamiliar place? You look for clues as to where you can navigate yourself through.
The same principle can be said when people visit your website. Think about them as wanderers, so as a host, you want to lead them towards the right destination.
Make your call to action buttons big and prominent and use colors that stand out.


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