Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

The Best Affiliate Marketing Networks

  • Rakuten 

Rakuten is regarded as one of the best ecommerce businesses in the world with more than 90,000 products. It is previously called as, and caters to over 18 millions clients worldwide.  

  • CJ Affiliate by Conversant 

CJ Affiliate, previously known as Commission Junction, reaches several consumers worldwide through their reliable affiliate marketing network. Are you looking for the best affiliate products to promote Malaysia? Try looking into CJ Affiliate. 

  • ClickBank 

This is a big affiliate marketing network that has been in business for more than 19 years now. ClickBank focuses on offering digital information products. It has a wide library of more than 6 million unique offerings. 

  • ShareASale 

ShareASale is a reputable affiliate marketing network that is loved by many. This platform is a top choice for many affiliate marketers because of its accuracy, efficiency and speed. It also has an honest, fair reputation. 

  • PeerFly 

Peerfly is an international award-winning affiliate platform that eliminates the headache, costs and risks involved with the traditional online advertising process. This is still a small company that is dedicated to giving top services to marketers.  

  • Flexoffers 

Flexoffers is an affiliate network that establishes profitable relationships between online publishers. With over 10 years of affiliate marketing experience, they provide excellent customer support, with a range of quality data delivery tools. 

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Affiliate Marketing

5 Useful Affiliate Marketing Tips

  • Use lead magnets in order to segment your audience well.

Do you want to be a successful affiliate marketer in Malaysia? You better focus on developing a good relationship with your audience. Keep in mind that customers are complex. The people that come to your website are interested in multiple things. Now, how can you understand what your audience needs and wants? 

Lead magnets may work amazingly for capturing emails. These can be very useful in dividing audiences into many interest groups. 

  • Link a relevant offer on your “thank you” page.

This one is often skipped by many people, but it can play an important role in your success. Don’t forget to place an affiliate offer on your website’s “thank you” page. 

  • Make sure to own your audience.

You can own your audience by making the most out of your social media platforms. You can’t depend 100% on this, though, since algorithms change once in a while. What you need to do is to use these platforms to effectively engage and own your readers and customers. 

  • Always implement backup offers.

Plenty of things can kill your marketing campaigns. This is the reason why it’s important to always have backup offers. What if your affiliate offers gets pulled out from the market? Also, at some point, some product owners change payment terms suddenly, making your campaigns unsustainable. This can occur anytime, and may deliver catastrophic 

  • Monitor your affiliate links.

Several people want to earn big commissions from affiliate opportunities, but many of them also forget to track their links. If you fail to track your links, you’ll never know where they come from. Moreover, if you don’t know where your sales came from, you would never have an idea on what is working. 

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