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Why Web Hosting Security is Essential for Any Site

Why do you think banks have a lot of security personnel inside and outside the premises? Well, that is to ensure the safety of the customers, the bank personnel, as well as the money that is contained in the vaults.

Web hosting security is pretty much the same as that and even more. That is because the internet is quite vast and since it can also be a haven for hackers, it is imperative that such a company thinks of providing robust security measures to keep them at bay.

I want you to choose the best web hosting provider not only as a company that can give you what you need but also has a strong sense of internet security as well.

Today, I am going to talk about why web hosting security is essential for any site.

Why is Online Security a Major Concern?

Ever since smartphones were introduced, more and more people go to the internet for almost everything nowadays. If you want to shop, you can go to an online store to find whatever it is that you need.

Do you need to make certain transactions? You can check your preferred online bank or online payment portals to do just that.
Basically, almost all of the things can now be done online and that is why cybersecurity should be bolstered no matter what online service it is.

Why a Web Host Should Think About Improving Their Security

A web host is basically a company that owns a lot of servers. Since servers are computers, it is subject to malware and other threats and that is why a web host should take it upon itself to ensure that their servers are well-protected against online threats.

What can a web host do to improve their defenses? Here are just some of them:

Use SSL Encryption

Have you ever seen a website that has a green lock icon just before the site’s URL? That signifies that that particular website is using SSL encryption.

The said security protocol encrypts data that goes to and from your hosting provider’s web servers to ensure that no prying eyes can see the sensitive information that is being transmitted.


By now, you are probably familiar with FTP or file transfer protocol. Although it is still used today, it is now being slowly replayed by SFTP which is short for Secure File Transfer Protocol. Think of this as similar to SSL encryption but in the context of FTP. This helps make data secure when transferring files.

Conduct Regular Site Backups

You will never know when a hacker can penetrate through your defenses, that is why it is important that a web host conducts regular site backups to ensure that whenever any damage has occurred that the web host can simply just restore the websites the way they used to be.

Set Server Maintenance

A good web host is one that always ensures that its servers are running in perfect condition. This also means that their servers will be down for maintenance to improve its features across the board.

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