Are You Prohibited from Bringing Outside Food in Malaysian Restaurants?

So, you decided to save some money because you want to buy a new smartphone when it releases later this year. You pack your lunch and bring it to work, but you also do not want to be left out by your buddies, so you come along with them when they’re planning to eat in a restaurant.

You and your coworkers arrived in the establishment and despite seeing the “No Outside Foods Allowed” sign, you still pushed through since you have been doing this for quite some time now and you haven’t been kicked out ever since. Well, until now.

The waiter decides to stop you at the entrance and asks you to leave. Embarrassed and humiliated, you’re thinking of getting some law services so that you can sue the establishment. But, you asked yourself: “can the establishment really do that”?

The Answer is

Yes! But before I tell you the reasons why, I will talk to you about some things. First, restaurants are generally reasonable when it comes to people bringing outside food into their establishments. They would either just ask for some corkage or they would tell you to not eat outside food within their premises. Rarely do you ever see someone from the establishment shoo you away for bringing outside food.

Now, back to the original question that was posted above, yes, the restaurant can kick you out if you broke their cardinal rule. Remember that restaurants are still private properties, which means that even though there is no law pertaining to the prohibition of bringing outside food in restaurants, it is still bound by some rules that are established by the management.

To put it simply, since it is their restaurant, then you have to abide by their rules. This also applies with other things such as a proper dress code, bringing of outside food and drinks, among many other rules.

Why Do They Impose Such?

Well, there are possible reasons as to why they impose such a rule. Take note that a restaurant is still a business entity at the end of the day, so the owner can always impose measures that will help them generate revenue for every customer that is going to sit down on their tables.

Another reason is that the food establishment does not want you to get poisoned by your own food. If you do happen to get poisoned by eating the food that you bought somewhere else, then the establishment is not going to be held liable.

According to the Food Act of 1983, it is considered a huge offense in the event that the restaurant or any establishment that sells food, happens to serve food that is tainted or unfit for human consumption.

That is because aside from the PR nightmare that this may cause, they can actually be sued by the person who got food poisoning.

Can They Ask You to Leave?

Again, restaurants are private properties, which means that the owner has every right to kick you out, especially if you do not follow their rules. So, the next time you plan on bringing your own food inside a restaurant that has a sign that says, “No outside food allowed”, then it is best that you do not enter.

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